Top Tips to Avoid Food Waste

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Materials you can recycle

Recycling a wide range of materials is easier than ever and a great step towards a greener lifestyle. There are lots of ways to recycle more household items, more often.

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How does recycling work?

Innovations in technology mean that today’s recycling processes are highly sophisticated.

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For a cleaner, greener Scotland, we should reduce and reuse all we can. For those things we can't find a new use for, it's never been easier to recycle a whole range of materials.

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Composting food waste at home

If your local authority does not offer a food waste recycling service, you can recycle your food waste in a composting bin or a compost heap.

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Food waste recycling in your area

Many local authorities in Scotland now offer food waste recycling with street bin collection. Find out here if yours does.

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Why reduce, reuse and recycle?

There are many good reasons to reduce, reuse and recycle. Everything we use has to come from somewhere and must go somewhere once we’re finished with it.

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