Finding local, in season food where you live

Posted by admin on 11th March 2016

It's March, which means a huge range of in season fruit and vegetables will soon be available to help you make fantastic recipes. 

Take a look at our Recipe Finder to get some ideas for what you might be able to prepare over the next few weeks.

But where are the best places to find local, in season food products?

Get a veg box delivered by a local farm or co-operative

Veg boxes are an increasingly popular way of getting a variety of local, in season fruit and vegetables for an affordable, regular price. Check out our page on veg boxes to find out more.

Visit a farmers' market

There are farmers' markets in towns, cities and villages across Scotland, all throughout the week. Find out more on our farmers' market page.

Grow your own!

With just a few basic tools (and even food waste left over from your kitchen for compost!) you can grow a huge range of food in your own garden, or even just a window box. Learn more on our page about growing your own food.

However you find your local, in season food, remember that it can save you money and give you fresher, better tasting meals. It's also a great way to contribute to a cleaner, greener Scotland, while enjoying fantastic meals at the same time.