Long live fashion

Posted by Alex Crate on 17th March 2016

With the rise of affordable fashion, everyone can find his or her own unique style.  The downside is that affordable fashion can, and does, often mean people care less about their clothing.  

We no longer repair a burst seam on a dress when we can throw it away and replace it for a small cost.  The latest trend is so accessible that we give little or no thought to replacing a whole wardrobe and disposing of the unwanted garments.

There is no reason for it to be this way.  Anyone is able to learn how to repair a seam with instruction from the infinite library of knowledge that is the internet.  We can all take better care of our clothing too.  Websites such as show how we can all extend the life of the fibres within our garments and reduce our water and energy footprints.  We have a wide variety of charity shops which will gladly accept unwanted garments if you have no relative who can make use of a ‘hand me down’. 

Or, as an alternative, our stores will give you a voucher in exchange for your unwanted clothing and fabrics.  

We take your unwanted clothes and sort them for re-wear, reuse and even recycle some as a closed loop fibre.  We do this without profit and donate any money raised through the resale of wearable garments to the British Red Cross.  With advances in fabric recycling technology, the ability to extract fibres and integrate them into new fabrics means that you can find items such as recycled denim made with 20% recycled fibres for sale at your local H&M store or at www.H&  

The effort required to recycle any item is minimal and the reasons are infinitely beneficial to the environment and your own pride. 

I care.  H&M care.  Do you?

Guest blog written by David Rostron from H&M