New energy efficiency grant

Posted by Neil Harrison on 13th October 2016

We know (because we do a lot of research) that one of the biggest barriers to making energy efficiency improvements to your home is the upfront cost. To help homeowners with this, the Scottish Government offers an interest free loan* of up to £15,000 and the payments can be spread over up to 10-years.

This is a good deal. You get a warmer home and lower fuel bills without the headache of the upfront cost.

For a limited time, this good deal is a whole lot better.

Rather than taking out a 100% loan to pay for the improvements, you can now take out a loan for 75% of the cost and the Scottish Government will give you a grant in the form of cash back to cover the remaining 25%. In effect, the grant is reducing the cost to you by 25%. We did say the deal was a whole lot better.

So previously you could borrow £5,000 towards work linked to your boiler on an interest free basis. Now for the same piece of work you would only need to borrow £3,750 interest free and you would receive £1,250 via the cash back. The same work is done but it costs you less.

This is a limited time offer.

To take up this opportunity, contact Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282 or read our interest free loan page for more details.

* If your loan application is successful and you receive funding, your loan will include an administrative fee, which will be included in your monthly loan repayments.  The administrative fee will be 1.5% of the total loan and grant funding you are awarded, up to a maximum of £150.