Saving the world isn’t just for the movies

Posted by Alex Crate on 29th January 2016

Help Scotland fight climate change

Jack Ryder is a man on the mission…to save the world. 

And as the star of Greener Scotland’s new campaign he’s highlighting, in classic action hero fashion, how easy it can be to reduce your impact on the environment.

Our climate is changing, which is why we need more Scots to play their part in helping to fight climate change.

Around half of people living in Scotland acknowledge climate change is an urgent and immediate problem, a recent survey has revealed that when it comes to personally doing something to help 8 in 10 Scottish households could be doing more to care for the environment. 

How you can help fight climate change

The good news is making a greener and cleaner lifestyle choice is easier than many Scots think. And you may already be doing some without realising.

By washing clothes at 30 degrees, driving less and walking shorter journeys, avoiding and recycling food waste, as well as turning the thermostat dial down by one degree, you can play your part in helping Scotland fight climate change – just like Forever Yours Betty’s Sheri Scott.

Sheri, who is a 29-year-old, Glasgow-based business owner and lifestyle blogger, recently discovered just how easy it is to go greener and helped launch the campaign to provide others with some greener inspiration. 

After years of not understanding the impact of her choices on the environment, Sheri decided to do something about it. She said: “It was through looking at fashion waste that made me think about the other waste in my life and how this impacts on our environment. Through the blog I started to get creative and think about more ways to use what I already have, such as using magazines for wrapping paper. I got a real buzz out of not throwing something away and putting it to another use.

“Until recently, I thought I had washing my clothes all sewn up. I actually learned that washing your laundry at a lower temperature not only gives them a good clean, but can cut your electricity use by 40 per cent. I also found that for some items like jeans and jumpers, there’s less need to wash them so often. Washing at low temperatures and some items less often not only saves the planet, but also saves pennies and another household chore.

“After washing at 30, I also looked into reducing my energy elsewhere at home particularly turning the thermostat down a degree. Walking to work is also something that I enjoy – it’s the best way to start the day, clearing my head ahead of a busy day in the office or at appointments.

“I’ve loved my greener journey so far – it’s been a lot easier than I thought. I’m looking forward to getting to grips with the contents of my fridge a little more in 2016 and making the most of what’s in there to reduce food waste that ends up in the bin.”

For further inspiration to go greener, watch the new ‘action-packed’ campaign advert starring Jack Ryder, a man on a mission to save the world.

To find out how you’re doing and what you can do more of to help Scotland fight climate change visit