The Heist

Posted by admin on 29th January 2016

How you can help smash and grab £1 billion from the food bin

Here’s the challenge.

Scotland is wasting £1 billion a year worth of perfectly good food. It works out at 600,000 tonnes, around half of which doesn’t even make it out of its packaging. Some might well say that’s close to criminal. 

For a start, rotting food produces nasty gases that cause climate change. Plus all the energy and effort to produce it, from the farm to table, counts for nothing. It’s costing hard cash too: the average household could save £470 a year if less food went to waste.

Our assignment is to do something about it. Because when we all play a part, we can help Scotland in the fight against Climate Change. But this is no £1 billion mission impossible. In fact, just five simple steps can help crack Scotland’s food waste.

So… Who’s in?

Objective: Kitchen Cupboards

Before buying more food and drink, check those cupboards - and the fridge and freezer - to see what you need. That way when you raid the shops, you're not tempted to buy food you'll never use.

Target: Plan Mealtimes

Plan your weekly meals. You’ll have a better idea of exactly what you need to buy so less goes to waste.

Destination: Supermarket

Tempting places full of special deals for food and drink you might never use. So stick to the plan. Don't buy more than you need. Remember when you're stocking up fresh fruit, veg, dairy items and meat, they may go off before you get a chance to use them. Write a shopping list and shop smart.

Everybody Freeze

Organise your fridge and freezer so food that needs used first is at the front. Use airtight containers and label your food before freezing for another day.

Operation Leftovers

Give the food waste bin a body swerve by turning leftovers into new meals. Fast to make, no waste. Sunday roast chicken becomes Monday’s tasty curry. Veg going spare? Soup for lunch. Fruit going soft, take it hostage and bash it into a smoothie.

Smart shopping, clever cooking. You can help Scotland in the fight against Climate Change, because saving the world isn’t just for the movies.

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