Welcome back Doug

Posted by Neil Harrison on 19th September 2016

Doug the draught excluder returned to TV, tablet, PC and smart phone screens today as part of our latest Home Energy Scotland campaign.

Doug recently celebrated his 3rd birthday as the spokesinsect for Home Energy Scotland.  He has been championing the free and impartial advice service offered  on TV, radio, online, outdoor, direct mail, in supermarkets, in shopping centres and in print. As a spokesperson, the nearest Doug has come to a scandal is his on-off relationship with fellow draught excluder Dora which resulted in a recent trip to Gretna.

However, one of the best things about Doug is his commitment to his greener credentials. Rather than shoot fresh footage each year, Doug has been more than happy for us to reuse and recycle his initial staring performance. For example, compare his initial 2013 feature with his 2015 role. His performance in 2015 inspired so many calls that it is running again during September and October.



However, to help Doug in his mission to improve the energy efficiency of homes across Scotland, we have created our Warm Homes Quick Check. This will ask you a series of questions (no more than 4) to help identify what support from the Scottish Government you qualify for, with financial support for installing measures such as a new/upgraded heating system, new boiler or improved insulation.

Or just call Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282 and the expert advisers can speak to you about how you can have a warmer home and lower energy bills (especially if your fuel bills are, to quote Doug, giving you the shivers).