Eating Greener

Choosing to eat greener

We can all do our bit to help make Scotland a cleaner and greener place to live. And eating greener is a great place to begin.

Eating greener by choosing in season food makes for tasty and nutritious meals. Food that’s been grown at the right time of year is bursting with flavour. Just think of strawberries in the summertime or root veg in winter months.

If we eat well, we feel better too. Getting a good balance of the five main food groups can help to maintain a healthy weight and stay fighting fit. Eating greener is a great way to help achieve a balanced diet that includes ‘5 a day’ of fruit and veg. So eating greener can also make for a healthier way of life. Try comparing the Eat Well plate to your own.

Eat better, feel better

Get the right balance and maintain a healthy diet.

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Eating greener can also help to save on shopping bills. By planning meals and finding new ways with leftovers, households in Scotland could save up to £470 per year.

Then there’s the extra savings that are possible if we try growing our own food. Not to mention the added satisfaction of eating something we’ve produced ourselves.

Eating greener can help us to:

  • Enjoy in season food - when it's at its tastiest
  • Make savings on shopping and fuel costs
  • Enjoy a healthier diet that’s rich in fruit and veg
  • Reduce food waste
  • Use less packaging

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Read more food facts at the Love Food Hate Waste website.

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