Eating Greener

Local in season food

Scotland boasts a wealth of tasty food from fruit and vegetables to meat, fish and diary. Knowing where our food is from means we can source quality ingredients locally and make the most of Scotland’s abundant natural resources.

Food that's grown local to you, in season, is great for nutritious, fresh, tasty meals. You might support local farmers through a market or organic box scheme, or you could even grow your own fruit and veg. If it's local and fresh, it's great for the local environment. And if you're eating in season, local food, you'll often find it's cheaper, tastier and easier to find than other kinds of fruit and vegetables.

Food that’s produced locally doesn’t have to travel as far to get to us. This reduces the carbon emissions involved in its transport. A shorter supply chain also means less carbon emissions overall. Food that’s grown in-season doesn’t need to be grown in heated greenhouses, so it takes less energy to produce.


What's on your plate?

Find out using the online directory at the What's On Your Plate? website.

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Shopping locally

Enjoy happier mealtimes at home with local and in-season produce. Locally produced and in season food is tasty, healthy, nutritious and supports the local economy too.