Eating Greener

Farmers' Markets

Shopping at a farmers market means buying direct and is a great way to buy in season, local foods at their freshest.

You'll also be helping to support local businesses, including producers, suppliers, farmers and others. That's great news for the economy and your local environment.

A visit to a farmers market can also be a great day out. 



Find Local Farmers' Markets

Check out this listing of local farmers' markets across Scotland.

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Foods on offer at farmers' markets

  • Fresh fruit and veg
  • Fresh fish
  • Meat and poultry
  • Cheeses and other dairy products
  • Local brews, including wine, beer and cordials
  • Jams, pickles and relishes
  • Handmade chocolates

Try before you buy

Stalls will often have samples of local produce for you to taste. Try samples of the same food from a few producers before you choose which to buy. You can also ask farmers, growers and producers how best to serve up their produce.