Evolution 2017

EVOLUTION is returning to the Royal Highland Centre on May 6th with more cars, more experts and more activi...

EVs on the road

When it comes to electric vehicles (EV) people have questions. Lots of them. Questions such as:

EV at Ignition

Taking on the roar of an F1 engine We recently took our Electric Vehicle stand to the Ignition Fes...

Smarter Choices Smarter Places

What does a waterslide, beat boxes, electric cars and Kilmarnock Railway Station have in common? T...

Life in the Electric Vehicle lane

Since the majority of car journeys are under two miles many of the perceived barriers to using an electric...

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EV roadshow on the road

The growing number of electric vehicles (EV) on the roads of Scotland is a clear indication that more drive...

Is 2016 the year of the Electric Vehicle?

Electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and other low emission vehicles are going further and becoming more a...

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EV charge point map

Use our interactive map to find free public charge points for your electric vehicle across Scotland.

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Reducing work travel

For many of us, the main reason we travel regularly is to get to work.

Grants and funding for electric cars

If you opt for an electric vehicle, you could receive a grant to help buy it as well as install a home chargepoint.

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Test drive an electric car

It's simple to arrange a test drive of an electric vehicle.

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Why buy an electric car?

One of the more fuel-efficient or alternative-fuelled vehicles on the market could cut your carbon emissions, fuel bills and vehicle tax. Plus the most eco-friendly cars don’t require vehicle tax at all.

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Types of electric car

An electric vehicle (EV) is one powered – in full or in part – by a battery that plugs directly into mains electricity. 

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Greener driving

Learn how you can drive smarter and choose different ways to drive to save money and help make Scotland a cleaner, greener place.

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The EV event - Evolution

EVOLUTION Motor Show ...

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