Food Waste

Why is food waste important?

Wasting food doesn’t just cost you money, it damages our planet.


Why is what we do with food waste so important? 

When food is thrown into your household bin it is taken to landfill, where it turns bad…realllly bad. It isn’t exposed to enough oxygen to allow it to naturally biodegrade, so it rots and decays, releasing the destructive greenhouse gas methane into the air – a gas which is much more harmful to the planet than carbon dioxide.

Because of this, food waste is one of the main factors behind rising greenhouse gas levels and a significant contributor to climate change. If we stopped all avoidable household food waste, the environmental impact would be the equivalent of taking almost one in five cars off Scotland’s roads!

So, what’s the solution?

Instead of throwing your food waste in the bin and sending it to landfill, where it releases harmful methane gas, you can recycle your food waste instead using your kitchen caddy – or even compost it at home. There is no amount of food waste too small – every bit of recycled food waste reduces the release of destructive greenhouse gases. When your food waste is recycled instead of being sent to landfill, the gases are captured and converted into green energy and natural fertilisers that can be used for farming.

For example, recycling just 5 full caddies of food waste could generate enough natural energy to power a cinema screen for long enough to watch the latest blockbuster!*

How do I recycle my food waste?

Visit our Recycling Your Food Waste page for information about food recycling and to learn about the services available in your local area.

*Source – Recycle for Wales