Greener Travel

Alternatives to flying

Door to door, it can often be just as fast to take the train as to fly, especially in the UK. 

Short-haul flights within the UK are sometimes comparable with the train on price. But with security, queuing and luggage collection, you could be just as quick taking the train – and end up in a more central destination to boot. What’s more, taking many short flights that only spend a little time in the air also creates more carbon emissions – planes burn a lot of fuel at take-off and landing. So, in the UK, it could be better for you to go for greener travel options like the train or coach.

Can’t avoid taking a flight? You can choose to offset your share of the carbon emissions for a small charge.

Many airlines now run their own carbon offsetting schemes – as do some petrol companies. If you're travelling for work, talk to your colleagues and management about the best ways to reduce the need to fly.

Travel by rail

For travel within the Scotland and the UK, the train can be the quickest and most convenient option. You can turn up at the station minutes before you board. Use your mobile and the Internet on board. For added comfort when travelling at night, take a sleeper train. Also save money by booking in advance.

Travelling by train can give you an altogether different experience of being abroad. Let the Eurostar whisk you off to Paris, Brussels or the Alps. Or take a long-haul overland route. Either way, you’ll get to enjoy scenery you’d never see if you were flying up above. Reducing your carbon emissions can really be an eye opener.

Travel by coach

Long-distance coach travel is convenient and low cost. It’s also the greener travel option, as coaches release even less carbon emissions than trains. A wide range of operators service Scotland and the UK, connecting most cities and towns. Longer journeys can often be made overnight. So you can wake up at your destination and avoid the expense of accommodation.