Greener Travel

Greener driving

Learn how you can drive smarter and choose different ways to drive to save money and help make Scotland a cleaner, greener place.

Rising fuel costs are a great incentive to leave the car at home or to consider electric or hybrid vehicles. You’ll save money and help make Scotland a greener and cleaner place to live.

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Figures provided by the Energy Saving Trust, 2014.

If you have to take the car, you can make your journey more efficient. Run a few errands at once, rather than making separate journeys to do each. Share lifts wherever possible, whether it’s taking the kids out or commuting with work colleagues.

Alternatively, you could consider joining a car club.


Fuel-efficient driving tips

Find out how to reduce your carbon emissions and save money with driving skills.

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You can also make some simple changes to the way you drive to use less fuel, reduce your carbon emissions, lessen wear and tear, and save yourself money. Smarter driving is also safer driving. If it’s time to replace your vehicle, you can make bigger decisions about what to drive – consider hybrid cars that will give you cheaper vehicle tax and fuel costs, and reduce carbon output.

Fuel-efficient driving

  • Plan ahead using Sat Nav
  • Drive at a reasonable, consistent speed
  • Avoid accelerating or braking suddenly
  • Have your car serviced regularly
  • Check your tyre pressure – properly inflated tyres grip the road better and reduce fuel usage
  • Remove excess weight from the car – you're paying for every excess kilogram you're carrying in increased fuel costs
  • Don’t leave the engine idling
  • Sign up for FuelGood driver training
  • Download the FuelGood app for Android and iOS