Greener Travel

Public transport

Taking the bus or train can often be quicker, more convenient and cost you less than the total cost of running a car.

Fewer cars on the road means less pollution and congestion. Which means a cleaner, healthier Scotland. Taking the bus, train, coach or subway is a great start to greener living.

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Figures in video provided by the Energy Saving Trust, 2014.

Leaving the car at home lets you relax too. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic. And you can work, read or just take time to think until you get there.

Why public transport?

When you consider the cost of running a car, fuel is only one factor. There’s also vehicle tax, insurance, MOT, servicing, repairs and depreciation. Vehicle tax is now linked to carbon emissions, which is why owners of highly fuel efficient cars have no vehicle tax to pay.

Save money

When you do the sums on what your car costs you to run, think about everything it takes to keep it on the road and consider whether other options might be better. By comparing your mileage to the cost of fuel and the price of public transport tickets, you can get an idea of whether trains or buses might save you money and give you more time in your day as well. 

Cleaner travel

One double-decker bus can mean up to 75 fewer cars on the road each year. So making the choice to use public transport can help you to live a greener lifestyle.

Plan your journey

See how public transport could save you time and money. 

Get started

If you use a smartphone, many local transport providers have dedicated apps or mobile-friendly websites that will help you to plan your journey and see when the next bus, train or ferry is on its way.

Benefits of public transport

  • Reduced cost compared to a car – both financially and environmentally, with the option to save money by buying a season ticket that lets you use the train or bus more for a lower fare per journey
  • Convenience – regular services that let you hop on and off where and when you like
  • Work, read or just take a break – with no road to watch or vehicle to control, the time is all yours
  • Bypass traffic jams and save time – buses can zip along bus lanes and journeys are often quicker by train than driving
  • Greener - help work towards a cleaner, greener Scotland by choosing a travel option that causes less pollution

For many people, the nearest bus stop is no more than a few minutes’ walk away. If you can’t make your full journey by public transport, try park and ride. Drive part of the way, leave your car at the train station and finish your journey by rail. You avoid the worst of the traffic, save on fuel and reduce your carbon emissions.