Leap into a new greener you

Posted by Alex Crate on 26th February 2016

Leap Year comes around every four years and on Monday, 29 February, it’s a chance to make your extra day count. To mark the occasion, we’re encouraging you to do something to help Scotland tackle climate change. After all, saving the world isn’t just for the movies.

Making a greener and cleaner lifestyle choice is easier than many Scots think. And you may already be doing some without realising, like walking to work. Leap Day is a chance to try something new and make a change with the aim to keep this going throughout the remainder of the year and beyond. Cumulative actions can make a huge difference. So the more of us who get involved and the more changes we can make, the more we will reduce our impact on the environment and tackle climate change together.

We have 10 ace Keep Cups to give away to some of our favourite Leap Day green heroes. We want you to simply share a pic of you in action on our Greener Together Facebook page with the hashtag #emissionsimpossible and tag a friend and a Keep Cup could be yours to take with you on your commutes and travels.

So what’s your mission? You can choose from the below four actions: 

  • Wash your clothes at 30 degrees
  • Walk the shorter journeys whether it be a walk to work or walk to school to drop off the kids
  • Avoiding and recycling food waste – is there a yummy recipe you’ve been wanting to try out?
  • Turn your thermostat down by one degree 

Or if you already doing these, there are others you can try across energy in the home, travel and eating greener. 

Take Monday, 29 February as an opportunity to show us what you can do and help tackle climate change. And don’t forget to tell a friend to think about being greener too.

Next steps, should you wish to accept the mission? Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for the competition going live on Monday, 29 February and get your cameras at the ready!