Mini Missions

Posted by admin on 20th September 2018

You might think that only superheroes save the world, and that in between driving to work, the school run, laundry loads, and all of life’s other demands, there’s simply not enough time to do your bit for the planet. But, anyone can be a hero. There are a number of simple things you can do that will help make Scotland a greener, cleaner place to live.

Scotland is fighting against climate change, and you can play your part by completing one or all of a series of Mini Missions. By completing these missions, not only will you help save the world, but you’ll feel better, healthier, and wealthier too!


Mini Mission 1: Leave the Car & Commute by Foot

If it’s not far, leave the car. Beat the traffic and swap your daily drive for a walk. Pounding the pavement can have a big impact on your health as well as save you money. Walking for 30 minutes a day will not only make you feel fitter and improve mental health but it also reduces the risk of breast, bowel, and womb cancer and heart disease by 45%. So, why not walk, strut, or stroll your way from A to B? 

And if you need a boost, give our Walking Jams playlist a listen. It’s full of bouncy beats to get you going!


Mini Mission 2: Leave the Car & Walk the School Run

And now a mini mission for you and your mini mes. Help the kids help save the world by activating their leg power on the school run. By walking to and from school, you’ll not only feel the benefits but your little ones will get fresh air and light exercise, making them feel happier and healthier too. It can also help increase their concentration in class and improve their social skills! 

It’s good to ditch the gadgets, games, technology and transport and spend some quality time together, catching up and building up their confidence, while getting them exercising and ready for the day ahead. All that goodness can’t be squeezed into a car journey now can it? 


Mini Mission 3: Leave the Car & Strut to the Shops

While we don’t recommend the pack horse look for trying to carry home the weekly shop, if you’re ever nipping to the shops why not leave the car and complete another Mini Mission? It’s a mini workout you won’t even notice you’re doing. The walking will get your heart rate up and carrying the bags is ideal for building muscle and toning your arms. It’s a great way to keep your heart and body healthy. And did we mention you’ll be helping to save the planet?!

Not only does leaving the car behind mean you’ll spend less time in the car park and more time in the shops, but swapping short car journeys for walking could also save you a massive £3000 a year - which means you can treat yourself to that thing you were swithering over in the aisles!


Mini Mission 4: Wash at 30

Dialling down the temperature on your washing machine doesn’t just mean a cooler load, but also helps to cool down the planet too. Besides, knocking down a few degrees on your wash is kinder to your clothes and is just as effective at getting them clean. And if cooling down the planet wasn’t enough to change your dial, you could also cut your electricity usage by 40% every time. Now that’s what we call a clean getaway. 


Mini Mission 5: Turn Down Your Thermostat 

Who ever thought 1 degree could save the world - well they’d be right! Turning down your thermostat by just one degree has a huge impact in the battle against climate change. Even better, on average it could cut your heating bill by £80. You’ll probably not notice the difference to your home, but you will to your wallet and the planet!

So, are you up to the challenge?

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