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Renewable Heat Incentive

Financial support for renewable heating systems.

What’s on offer?

Targeted (but not limited) to homes that are off the gas grid, the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) provides for financial support to the owner of a renewable heating system for seven years. This means that a tariff will be paid to compensate for the difference in initial cost (due to installation) between heating your home with a renewable system and using existing conventional heating sources.

Who can apply?

  • The domestic RHI scheme covers single domestic dwellings and is open to owner-occupiers, private landlords, Registered Providers of Social Housing, and self-builders. It is not available to new build properties other than self-build projects.

The domestic RHI supports the following renewable heating technologies:

  • Biomass (wood fuelled) boilers
  • Biomass pellet stoves with integrated boilers which provide space heating
  • Ground to water heat pumps
  • Air to water heat pumps
  • Solar thermal panels – flat plate or evacuated tube only which provide hot water for your home
  • Air to air heat pumps, all log stoves, pellet stoves without back boilers and hybrid PVT are not currently supported.


How do I apply?

For more information, including application dates, payment rates and additional supporting information, visit the Energy Saving Trust information page for the Renewable Heat Incentive.

You can apply online via Ofgem's website. Providing you have all the relevant information to hand and your application does not require a manual review, you should receive an immediate decision. To check if your application will need manual review, you can use the examples on the Ofgem website. If you are unable to apply online then you can contact Ofgem via their Domestic RHI Applicant Support Centre on 0300 003 0744. They are available Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 19:00 and on Saturday 09:00 to 14:00. Alternatively you can email