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Saving energy in your community

There are ways of saving energy in your community too. Joining forces can help you to save money on fuel bills by sharing the cost of generating your own power.

Watch the video below about SCORE Scotland to see how one community works together to save energy and money:

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The more people involved in community energy generation projects, the cheaper it can be to get them off the ground. If lots of people are keen to install a solar water heating system or wind turbine, for instance, you may be able to have the work done for less.

Local Energy Scotland

Get help to save energy in your community from Local Energy Scotland, funded by the Scottish Government.

Get started

You can also make savings for the entire community. Installing more energy efficient measures could cut the cost of running the local community hall. Better insulation and a biomass boiler will pass on heat savings to community members who hire the hall.

If you’re keen on saving energy or generating your own in your community, plenty of help is available. Practical support and help to find funding are available from Local Energy Scotland, funded by the Scottish Government and managed by the Energy Saving Trust.

Types of community project

  • Small-scale local power generation installations: spread the cost across your community
  • Biomass technology: a biomass boiler could heat large community spaces more efficiently
  • Wind turbine: just one turbine could make huge savings for your community

Energy saving community projects

See how communities like yours have managed to save energy. Find out about community projects for all the inspiration you need to start planning your own project.

Sources of funding

Tools to get you started

Find all the tools and resources you need to get your energy saving community project up and running. And see what you could save by installing solar energy systems, using a Solar Energy Calculator.