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Everyone wants a cosy and warm home without paying too much on your energy bills. There are steps we can all take, some big (replacing your boiler or improving insulation) and some small (using energy efficient appliances or not using standby) to save energy and money to create a cleaner, greener Scotland.

Saving energy is an essential part of greener living as the energy we use at home is a significant part of Scotland's annual emissions. Plus, it helps cut household bills.

Benefits of saving energy

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Join comedian Phil Kay to see how stupidly simple it is to have an energy efficient home. 

Make your home warmer

Well over half of what you spend on fuel bills goes on heating and hot water. As energy costs go up, it’s even more important to get bills down. You can speak to an advisor from Home Energy Scotland about how measures such as fitting insulation and upgrading your central heating could help.

An efficient gas central heating system can reduce your energy use and save you money – especially if you currently use an electric system. If you have an old, G-rated boiler with no heating controls, swapping it for an A-rated condensing boiler with full heating controls could knock up to 30% off your gas bill. Heating your house using an A-rated condensing boiler with heating controls is more efficient.

If your home also has good insulation, you’ll see even more savings in heating costs. Insulation stops heat escaping from your home as quickly, so you need to use less energy to keep your home warm. Without insulation, you could be wasting money – much of the heat you use is likely to escape through the roof and walls.

Don’t dread the colder months. See how the Home Energy Scotland hotline could help you make your home warmer this winter. You could soon be sitting comfortably all year round.

About Home Energy Scotland

Home Energy Scotland from the Scottish Government is a source of clear and impartial advice on making your home cheaper to heat. They offer advice to everyone and over a third of Scotland’s households have already been offered free help. You could even get a new boiler, heating system or insulation free – helping you use less energy and save money on fuel bills. So, whatever your circumstances and wherever you live in Scotland, they'll be able to help you too. Either just make one call to 0808 808 2282 or ask for a call back.

If everyone in Scotland

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Figures in video provided by Energy Saving Trust, 2014.

18ºC - 21ºC all year round

Turning your thermostat dial down a degree can shave around 8% off your annual heating bill. Now that the temperature is dropping and your heating is on, keep it at 18ºC. However older persons should take care to heat living areas from 21-23ºC to keep warm. A comfortable room temperature can mean comfortable savings – all year round.