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2014 Greener Together Winners

The Scottish Government rewards community action for the environment. Five community projects have been announced as this year’s winners of Scotland’s Greener Together Awards.

The awards celebrate and reward communities for their environmental action. They are part of the Scottish Government’s national campaign ‘Greener Together’, which encourages everyone across the country to play their part in making Scotland a cleaner, greener place.

The 2014 winners were:

Stirling Cycle Hub

The vision of the Stirling Cycle Hub is to work towards a healthier, greener future by encouraging and supporting more people to cycle. The hub, located at Stirling train station, opened in May 2013 and has had almost 3000 visits. The hub acts both as a source of encouragement and inspiration to those less confident about getting on a bike.

Remade in Edinburgh

Remade in Edinburgh is a community-led reuse and repair centre.  The project shares repair skills, prevents household goods from going to landfill, and promotes the vision of a zero-waste Edinburgh as an alternative to a culture of cheap, disposable items. The project helps people to lower their rates of consumption, reduce their carbon footprint and make financial savings by giving them the skills to repair and maintain their computer hardware and to mend and alter clothes and other household textiles. The life of these items is extended, delaying the purchase of  replacements and reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. The service hopes to extend to include furniture in the near future.

The Children’s Wood

The Children’s Wood, situated within the North Kelvin Meadow, is a space where the community can connect with nature, and children can play freely. The Children’s Wood project uses the Children’s Wood to educate people about the value of nature on health and well-being, with activities designed to bring the community together. Most importantly, all activities are designed to impact positively on the inequalities within our community.

Gorbals Recycles Project

The Gorbals Recycles project is a not-for-profit founded in 2004 when a community consultation recognised the lack of recycling facilities in the local area. The residents were keen to change this. The project aims to divert as much domestic waste from landfill as possible and they promote recycling within their community through events and work within local schools. The project contributes significantly to meeting the city’s recycling targets, helps some of its most excluded citizens through building their self-esteem and skills. It also promotes healthy lifestyles through selling affordable refurbished bikes to adults and children.

South Seeds

South Seeds is a community led charity based in the Southside of Glasgow. The charity supports  residents to lower their energy bills and build community gardens – making the Southside of Glasgow a more sustainable place to live. The charity runs workshops and have created ‘how to’ guides to help residents with energy efficiency.

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