Why live greener?

2015 Greener Together Winners

The Greener Together Awards 2015 saw three organisations recognised for showing their passion for bringing greener living to life.

The organisations awarded did this in a creative, innovative and inspiring way, whilst having a positive effect on their community and the environment.

The 2015 award winners are:

Govanhill Baths Community Trust – Rags to Riches project

Rags to Riches works with the local community to improve upcycling skills, providing masterclasses and giving many individuals new skills which they can use to help them find employment. The project educates the community about the need to recycle what people no longer use and turn it into something they will use.

Methilhill Community Children’s Initiative

Charlie’s Plot, a youth-led community growing project from Methilhill Community Children’s Initiative has been making great strides in the community with its work growing local in season food and its development of a community challenge for local families to grow more produce. The Initiative also looks at reducing consumption and the carbon footprint of purchasing decisions, its work with children instilling sustainable behaviours for life.

Greener Kirkcaldy

Greener Kirkcaldy’s ‘high street hub’ runs practical projects giving people advice and enabling people to live greener across a variety of areas such as food waste, energy use, and recycling and reducing consumption. Through their drop-in and booked advice work and classes and eco-shop, they’re teaching people simple, practical actions that can help the environment.