Why live greener?


What will a greener life in 2030 Scotland look like? Scotland 2030 is a series of interactive videos that follow a typical day of a Scottish family.

The videos show what life will be like in 2030 across topics such as: where our energy comes from; how we travel; different ways of working; the food we eat. Many of the changes covered you can start today to help Scotland become a greener, cleaner, fairer and healthier country. 

The three videos are each set in a different location (urban/suburban/rural) and at the end of each one you will be able to view your own report on the topics which caught your interest. To begin your trip into the future visit

Visit the future

How can Scotland2030 be used? 

Visit Scotland2030 online to watch the videos and create your own action plan on what you can do to live a greener lifestyle.

Group Experience

This resource is also been designed to be used by stakeholders or groups which are interested in learning more about leading greener and more sustainable lifestyles. The video content can be downloaded below and incorporated into a presentation or played on a standalone basis as part of a group discussion. Depending on the participants you can:

  1. Run a discussion about which elements of the videos they like, dislike or encourage them to put forward suggestions on how life can be greener in 2030.
  2. Show the films and pause at relevant points to discuss the greener behaviour that is on screen. 
  3. Ask the audience to watch the video and see how many of the greener behaviours within each video they can identify.
  4. Discuss the greener behaviours presented in the videos in relation to which ones individuals could adopt.